A Brief History

THE LAKE ARTISTS’ SOCIETY was founded in 1904 largely on the initiative of W. G. Collingwood, the well known artist, local historian and secretary to John Ruskin, to promote the work of its members.

Members in the early years included Cuthbert Rigby, Fred Yates, Arthur and Fred Tucker and Hubert Coutts (Tucker), who was the first President. Invited exhibitors have included Frank Bramley, Sir William Russell Flint and Julius Olsson.

The first exhibition was in Coniston in 1905, and exhibitions have been staged every year since then, except for four years during the Second World War. Initially the exhibitions were in various centres, but later at the New Hall in Grasmere which is now the regular venue. The Summer Exhibition has become an established event in Cumbria, attracting over 10,000 visitors each year.

Many societies disappear when the enthusiasm of their founder members is not matched by their successors. However, the Lake Artists Society has not only survived through a century of many cultural and artistic changes, wars and economic crises, but has grown from strength to strength, continuing to present an annual exhibition which is recognised and enjoyed as of great importance in the artistic life of the North of England.

The early exhibitions were devoted almost exclusively to Lakeland landscapes. The first president, Hubert Courts, asserted that “…visitors to the Exhibition naturally looked for some relation between the choice of subjects and the name of the Society and if members would bear this in mind it might tend towards success”. Landscape remains a particular strength, but the exhibitions now include a wide range of subject matter and a variety of personal expression using many different mediums.

Members have come from many walks of life, including a secretary of Ruskin and a mountaineer who climbed on Everest with Mallory and Irvine. In the early years the exhibitions consisted of work only by members and other notable invited artists. This practice gave way gradually to the open exhibition of today to which anyone resident in Cumbria may submit work. Membership is limited to 45 and high standards are maintained through careful selection of works and a rigorous procedure for the election of new members.

The centenary of the Lake Artists Society in 2004 represented a rare achievement: the success and popularity of an arts organisation which has remained entirely independent of funding or sponsorship and completely self-sufficient. The book The Lake Artists’ Society – A Centenary Celebration is a tribute to all members past and present, whose work has enriched the culture of the Lake District and given pleasure to many thousands.
Copies are available at the Summer Exhibition

John Abbott, (1939-1956)
Jill Aldersley, (1979-2007)
Jean Allday, (1968-2003)
Adrian Allinson, (Invited 1954)
Lady Allison, (1930-1941)
Henry N Almond, (1964-2000)
E H R Altounyan, (1934-1950)
Edward Arden, (1904-1907)
Patience Arnold, (1968-1991)
James Atherton, (Invited 1915)
Delmar Banner, (1947-1983)
Joseph Barnes, (1905-1906)
S Baskerville-Muscutt (1985-2000)
James Bateman, (1934-1958)
W J O Gordon Bell, (1947-1968)
Ophelia Gordon Bell, (1940-1975)
William Bell, (1974-2006)
Graeme Bentham, (1980-1983)
Lady Henry Bentinck, (Invited 1936)
Kate Bentley 2012 - 2021
Percy Bigland, (Invited 1905)
E Michael Bottomley (1948-2015)
Henry W Bracken, (1957-1998)
Mr Arthur Bracken, (1938-Ret. 1954)
Samuel H Braithwaite, (1947)
Frank Bramley, (Invited 1907 1912)
Ernest Edward Briggs, (Invited 1909)
M Elisabeth Brockbank (1925-38)
Sidney Buckley (1949-1981)
Thomas Bushby (1913-1918)
Florence St John Cadell, (1939-Ret.1948)
Dr Andrew J Caird (1928-1939)
George Cannon (1962-2022)
Ernest A Chadwick (Invited 1925)
Ursula Chaldecott (1950-1958)(1960)
Lady Elizabeth Chalmers, (Invited 1907, 1912)
Peter J. Clark (1997-2004)
Ernest E Clarke (1963-1982)
Beryl Clay(1928-Ret.1948)
Patrick Cleary (1967 - 2021)
Judy Coleman (2003-2005)
William G Collingwood (1904-1932)
Edith M. Collingwood (1905-1927)
Barbara C Collingwood (1913-1960)
Violet M Common, (Invited 1938)
George F Cook, (1951-Ret.1956)
William Heaton Cooper, (1938-1995)
Julian Heaton Cooper, (1966-1971)
Alfred Heaton Cooper, (Invited 1913)
Philip McLeod Coupe (1985-2013)
Hubert Coutts, (1904-1921)
Chris H Cowan, (1947-Ret.1950)
Thomas Cowper (Essex), (1906-1907)(1918-1927)
Gary Craig (2005-2011)
Bardy Crewdson, (1963-2007)
Francis William Crewdson, (1931-1939)
Caroline Crompton, (1920-1936)
James H Crossland, (1905-1936)
Heather Davies, (2003-2016)
Judith Da Fano, (1955-1963)
Stanley Dawson, (1983- 2005)
Tom Dearden, (1973-1988)
Ronald Dickinson, (1962-1984)
Ron Dickens (1973-2021)
William Dodd, (1938-1981)
James Durden, (1923-1926)
Meryll Evans (1983-2012)
W Eyre-Walker (Invited 1909)
Bernard Eyre-Walker (1927-1971)
John B Fawcitt (1936-1957)
Harry Fecitt (1949-Ret.1954)
Sheila Fell (Invited 1965)
M Katherine Fell (1939-Ret.1948)
Noel Fisher, (1977-1979)
Richard Fisher (1952-2015)
T Fisher-Smith, (1937-1949)
Sir William Russell Flint, (Invited 1914)
Ifor Freeman, (2007-2013)
David Fulford (2007-2012)
Mrs F M George, (1925-1939)
Stanley Gibb, (1968-1973)
E J Glover, (1952-1974)
Harry Goodwin, (Invited 1914 1917)
A Gertrude Gorton, (1950-1971)
David Gould, (1904-1916)
Ronald Green, (1989-1989)
Winifred S Grice, (1939-Rct.1950)
J R G Grundy, (Invited 1910)
Sir Cuthbert C Grundy, (Invited 1911 1918)
Gordon Hargrave, (1905-1907)(1920-1925)
Wilfred M Harris, (1936-1949)
Claude Harrison, (1951-2009)
David O P M Harrison, (1958-1965)
Tobias Harrison (2005-2008)
Jane M L Hartley (1995-2008)
John Hay, (1949-1958)
G Hayhurst-France, (1939)
Katherine G Henderson (1934-Ret.1948)
Muriel Hine, (1936-1939)
Edward G Hobley, (1906-1912)
Arthur Henry Graham Hoggarth, (1938-1963)
Henry G Holiday, (Invited 1906)
Charles Holmes, (Invited 1935)
Celia A Hunt, (Invited 1922)
Mary Ethel Hunter, (Invited 1935)
Thomas Huson, (Invited 1909)
Alexander Inglis, (1978-1992)
Brenda Inston, (1996-2000)
Audrey Johnson, (1954-2004)
Edward Jeffrey, (1951-1977)
Mr J B Jenkinson, (1976-1987)
R Percy Kelly, (1957-1963)
John D Kenworthy, (1910-1939)
J Franklin Kershaw (1914-1917)
Mr A K Kimm (1920-1923)
Bryan Knutton (2003-2008)
Joanna A Langhorne, (1984-1996)
Hamel Lister (1904-1958)
J Raymond Little (1925-1940)
J H Bruce Lockhart (1939-Ret.1956)
Ursula Luard-Selby (1938-1961)
Tiana Marie, (1983-2006)
Leonore F Marshall (1922-1933)
Herbert Marshall (Invited 1907)
W Stirling Martin (1988-1993)
Percy Mason, (1905-1931)
Tom Mellor, (1970-1994)
James H Midgley, (1904-1929)
Blanche Mortram Moorhouse, (1923-1949)
George Mortram Moorhouse, (1912-1958)
Harold Moss, (1905-1925)
Tom Mostyn, (Invited 1909 1913)
George Nelson, (1917-1922)
Edmund Hort New, (Invited 1909)
Arthur T Nowell, (Invited 1910)
Tom Oldham, (1976-2016)
Julius Olsson, (Invited 1914)
Malcolm Osborne, (Invited 1951)
Walter F Parker (1965-2010)
Colin B Phillip, (1922-1932)
Katherin Ploder, (1966-1988)
Geoffrey Pooley, (1954-2006)
G Sydney Prentice, (1979-1993)
Arnold Priestman, (1922-1924)
F H Rainbow, (1950-1968)
Mrs H D Rawnsley, (1910-1916)
Richard Redfern, (1905-1911)
George F Reiss, (1929-1931)(1947-1970)
Helen Reynolds, (1954-1977)
Cuthbert Rigby, (1904-1931)
James Ingham Riley (1982-2015)
Gillian Robinson 2002 - 2017
John Rogers, (1982-2015)
Rosetta Roberts (1969-2016)
Venetia Rolland, (2001-2013)
The Hon Mrs Freda Rollo, (1933-1938)
Frank S Sanderson, (1950-1956)
Kurt Schwitters, (1947-48)
Sydney Scott, (1905-1915)
J Arthur Pallister Severn, (1904-1929)
Claude A Shepperson, (Invited 1912)
Captain R C Sinker, (1933-1939)
Arthur Sleight, (Invited 1917,1918)
A Reginald Smith, (Invited 1922)
Allan Smith, (1974-2007)
Mr John H Smith, (1910-1913)(1920-1931)
W H Somervell, (1918-1934)
Dr T Howard Somervell, (1950-1974)
Gilbert Spencer, (Invited 1951)
George Vernon Stokes, (1918-1931)
Neil Taylor, (1947-1979)
Emilie Tinkler, (1927-1931)
C J R Tipper, (1931-Ret. 1948)
Ernest Townsend, (Invited 1914)
Frederic Tucker, (1904-1933)
Arthur Tucker, (1904-1929)
Frederic Tucker, (1935-1939)
Helen Turner, (1999-2011)
William Lakin Turner, (1904-1936)
Mr G S D Turner, (1964-1970)
Fred Unsworth, (1947-1966)
Judith Valentine, (1959-1980)
Denis G Valentine, (1975-1980)
Josefina de Vasconcellos, (1946-2005)
Roy Waddington, (1951-1969)
William H Waddington, (1917-20)(1931-61)
Robin Wallace, (1920-1939)
S Walshaw, (1953-1972)
Ralph Waterhouse, (1976-1983)
F Boyd Waters, (1950-1957)
sobel Watson, (1971-2013)
W Henry Watson, (1912-1931)
Bert Wells, (1947-1949)
Alexander Y Whishaw, (Invited 1910)
Mollie Whitworth, (1986-1993)
John W Wilkinson, (1923-1936)
Henry R Wilkinson, (1952-1959)
Anne E Williamson, (1933-1935)
Derek E Willink, (1933-1964)
Beatrice Willink, (1905-1923)
Cherry Willis, (1938-Ret.1956)
William Smallwood Winder, (1904-1909)
Winder, (1904-1909)
A J Carter Wood, (1913-14)
Elizabeth Wood (1989-2021)
John Barlow Wood, (1914-1931)
Keith Wood, (1993-2004)
C J Worthington, (1962-1977)
Mary Yates, (1915-1975)
Frederick Yates, (1905-1918)
Dick Yeadon, (1935-1936)