Stefan Orlowski

Elected to the Society 2021

Born in 1985, Stefan has exhibited widely, including the Lynn Painters Stainers Prize three times, in 2008 winning the Young artists Award, the ING Discerning Eye and The Sunday Times Watercolour Competition.

Cumbrian Exhibitions include Land Lives held at the Heaton Coper Studio, Grasmere and Through Floors, Within Rooms held at Brantwood Museum, Coniston.

Stefan’s work focuses on a small handful of relationships whose portraits recur in situations and commonplace realities that the artist manipulates to explore certain themes and concerns regarding the intimate scrutiny of the human figure, corporal honesty, anxiety, discomfort and a drive to explore physical and existential dichotomies.

The works are predominantly executed in the traditional media of egg tempora or oil, depending on the subject and intention of a given work. The differences in approach and execution are driven by divergent drives in the artist precision and rigour versus the gestural and expressive. At times the paintwork can feel agitated in its handling as though contorted by anxious tension. In other works the handling may feel more yielding and tempered by a certain quietude or sympathy of feeling.

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