Ron Dickens

Elected to the Society 1973

Ron Dickens is a woodcarver specialising in British wildlife. In so doing he manages to combine his love of fell-walking with his passion for wildlife. He became a member of the Lake Artists’ Society in the 1970’s – one of the few sculptors in the society.

With a range of carving styles, Ron’s work falls into 3 distinct types, which he give names according to the finish used.
WAXED CARVINGS – these pieces are done in any hard wood that takes his eye. He looks for colour and grain, which allows him to keep the actual carving very simple, looking only for line and form, so that without any detail, you can recognise the species of bird. After lots of smoothing, a wax polish, made to his own recipe, is applied.

BURNED CARVINGS. This is a slow process because, after carving, every feather is slowly burned into the wood, using the temperature and pressure of the burning tool to bring a range of shading into the work. The wood used for this is Jelutong.
PAINTED CARVINGS. This takes a burned carving a stage further. The work is painted, looking for complete realism.

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