Peter J. Clark

Elected to the Society 2023

I come from a farming background and when I moved to Cumbria I ran a small farm on the
edge of the Howgills and taught art and art history at Kendal.

The Howgills provide me with my subjects and winter is the season where, for me, the
drama is most intense, especially after snowfall.

I am not attempting to replicate a specific location under snow but how I can enliven and
energise the snow to express the hidden topography underneath.

The snow allows me to enhance my colours and to create a stage where my actors (sheep,
farmer, dogs) perform some sort of narrative or drama. Above all it allows me to create a
mood that reflects the relationship between man and animal and the silent remoteness of the

My medium is watercolour and my method is body-colour in order to achieve the opacity and
tactility I require.