On behalf of the members of the Lake Artists Society I am delighted to welcome you all to our 114th Summer Exhibition.
I also would like to welcome Mark Pearce and Marion Kuit, both gifted print makers; Janet Kenyon, multi award winning  watercolourist and Mark Gibbs with his remarkable metal sculptures, who were elected to the Society last year.
A big thank you goes to Deborah Clark for her expert assistance and Liz Savage who is our stalwart exhibition supervisor.
Also, to Sally Toms and Sarah Waterhouse for our new website.
Furthermore, I would like to congratulate Phil and Joan Hobbs who are in charge of FOLAS, Friends of the Lake Artists Society, for their excellent on-line magazine. (Hard copies are available).
Many thanks must also go to our sponsors for the awards for works by non-members who have been selected for this year’s exhibition, and I wish all participants every success.
Once again, postcards of images in the catalogue are available and members’ exhibits can be viewed on our website.
Over the years the Society has exhibited the work of many famous artists. Frank Bramley RA, Kurt Schwitters, Sir Frank Brangwyn RA, Sir Russell Flint and Dame Laura Knight, to mention a few.
Today’s members are well aware that they stand on the shoulders of long standing and gifted fine artists and sculptors, not only continuing the tradition of excellence set up by their forebears, but with their eyes on the future, carrying it forward, making their mark in the current Art world. Several members have, this year, based their work on that of past members. Looking back and bringing forward both in style and content.
My  thanks  go to all those involved in the presentation of this year’s exhibition, particularly · the members of FOLAS for their continuing support.

Stephen Darbishire

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  • SOLD
    The circle of Thought by Lucy Prescott 240x240mm Watercolour and biro
  • SOLD
    Ophelia Gordon Bell Award Jonathan Stamper 'Waves' Cumbrian oak
  • SOLD
    Francis winder Kent Valley Award 'Edge of the Wood' 720x535
  • SOLD
    Youdells Award Peter Jonathan 'Blacksmith' Oil 685x985

Summer Exhibition 2018 Prize Winners

Christine Baines

  • blue ravine. oil. £400
  • moonscape oil £800
  • All together now. Oil £500
  • Daisy Tango Oil 610mm X 460mm £600
  • 'Study for an Oread' brown pencil on paper £395
  • 'Snow Storm Gornergrat Glacier'. Oil. 490mm x 395mm. £720.
  • 'Profile' pencil 345 mm x 260 mm price 395
  • SOLD
  • Iron bird 1 High fired terracotta 250mm
  • Where the Paths Divide. Oil. 370x290mm £1600.00
  • The River Brathay. Oil. 240x360mm £1475.00
  • On the Way to Howe Coppice, Skelwith. Oil. 290x370mm £1600.00
  • Morning Light Tarn Hows. Oil. 300x400mm £1675.00
  • Finding Bluebells. Oil. 300x400mm £1675.00
  • Below Skelwith Force. Oil. 270x210mm £1000.00
  • On Reflection. Oil. £1495
  • SOLD
    Old Grey Dog, Pencil, 300 mm x 240 mm, £275
  • A Place in the Sun, Troutbeck Barn, Watercolour, 600 mm x 450 mm, £6200
  • Morning Stroll, Stang End, Little Langdale, Watercolour, 285 mm x 420 mm £2400
  • SOLD
    Early One Morning, Watercolour, 262 mm x 200 mm, £950
  • Scratchings, Watercolour, 202mm x 447mm, £1950
  • Ice Cream and No Ice Cream, Westmorland Show, Watercolour, 190 mm x 317 mm, £950
  • Sisters! (Villa Monastero gardens Varenna, Como), Watercolour 265 mm x 200 mm, £1100
  • "Double barrier" 400x 600mm £ 350 (framed) £290( unframed)
  • "Cul de sac" 320 x 250 mm £ 250(framed) £200 (unframed)
  • "Green qualms" 280 x280 mm Experimental Lino cut £150 (framed) £100 unframed)
  • 'White Grid' 320x 250 mm £250 (framed) £200 (unframed)
  • 290 x 290 mm £250 (framed) £200 (unframed)
  • "Security" 350 x250 mm £250 (framed) £200 (unframed)
  • No way through"No way through" 350 x 250mm £250 (framed) £200 (unframed)
  • SOLD
    Portuairk Bay 2. Acrylic and mixed media. 200mm x 310mm. £695
  • Lanty’s Tarn. Acrylic and mixed media. 500mm x 500mm. £1950
  • Lakeland Winter. Acrylic and mixed media on linen. 900mm x 900mm. £3700
  • SOLD
    January Fields
  • Glimpse of Orange. Acrylic and mixed media on linen. 700mm x 600mm. £2200
  • Buttercups on The Bay. Acrylic and mixed media. 620mm x 620mm. £2450
  • Circus Fish    Oil   300x260
  • Venus' Comb    Oil    300x260
  • SOLD
  • Sea Floor Fish    Oil    610x920
  • Red Shoal    Oil        300x260
  • Old Hawthorn, Coniston     Graphite & Pastel    440x550
  • Docks        Oil        910x610
  • Behind the Tiger Paint, 250x200mm, oil on linen, £750
  • Personal Space-Lightening, 260x360, watercolour on paper, £390
  • Self Portrait in Grey, oil on linen, 250x200mm, £750
  • Personal Space:Pom-Pom, 370x370mm, watercolour on paper, £500
  • This is Me, oil on board, 205x205mm, £950
  • Portrait of Bea, oil on board, 300x300mm, £950
  • WHITE ROSE Watercolour 350 x 350 £ 450
  • WHITE PEONY Watercolour 350 x 350 £ 450
  • SEATED FIGURE Watercolour 400 x 350 £ 400
  • ORIENTAL POPPY Watercolour 380 x 380 NFS
  • LIFE STUDY Watercolour 330 x 380 £ 375
  • BLUE IRIS Watercolour 260 x 180 £ 375
  • ‘Lights and Souvenirs’  (ii) Drypoint Etching and Stone Lithograph 140 x 190 mm £195
  •   ‘The Tour’ (ii) Drypoint Etching 140 x 190 mm £170
  • SOLD
    ‘The Tour’ (i ) Drypoint Etching 140 x 190 mm £170
  • ‘Arrangement’ (ii) Drypoint Etching and Stone Lithograph 140 x 200 mm £220
  • SOLD
    ‘Trip to Piel Island’ medium; Drypoint Etching Size; 140 x 190 mm Price; £170
  • ‘Fairground’ Drypoint Etching 140 x 190 mm £170
  • SOLD
  • SOLD
    Fellside Hare Medium     Ceramic Size     300mm x 100mm £250
  • SOLD
    William Wordsworth
  • William Wordsworth (Oval)   Oil + acrylic +liquid gold leaf on plaster.  290mm x 240mm
  • SOLD
    Tawny John   Acrylic+gel+varnish on canvas.  260mm x 200mm
  • Evening Roost (John Clare, poet)  Acrylic + gel on canvas on panel. 545mm Diam 
  • Cumbrian Study (Late Amber Light)  Acrylic + gel on canvas panel. 420mm x 210mm
  • Cumbrian Study (Coral Pink, Summer Evening)   Acrylic + gel on canvas panel. 400mm x 310mm
  • Where Art Thou (Self-Portrait) Japanese sumi ink & acrylic on canvas 500 x 1000 mm £5000
  • Summer Meadow Japanese sumi ink & acrylic on paper 380 x 380 mm £1500
  • Summer Field Japanese sumi ink & acrylic on paper 375 x 380 mm £1500
  • Shepherd Japanese sumi ink & acrylic on paper 380 x 380 mm £1500
  • Cow on a Fell Japanese sumi ink & acrylic on paper 380 x 380 mm £1500