Hideyuki Sobue

Elected to the Society 2008

Sobue has exhibited extensively throughout the UK and Japan. Notable exhibitions include “Wordsworth and Basho: Walking Poets” at the Itami City Museum Kakimori Bunko (Japan), the Royal Scottish Academy Open (Edinburgh), the Ruth Borchard Self-Portrait Prize (London), Discerning Eye Exhibition (London), Royal Birmingham Society of Artists Open (Birmingham). Among other public collections, his work is housed at Rydal Mount & Gardens – a historic house with gardens designed by William Wordsworth.

Hideyuki Sobue (b. 1965) lives and works in the Lake District, yet grew up as an orphan in Aichi, Japan. Sobue uses an entirely original brush hatching technique employing Japanese sumi ink and acrylic, created through a fusion of influences – the Florentine school of the Renaissance, oriental artistic heritage and neurological studies. His aim is to explore the unbroken line of the relationship between humanity and art from the primeval times, to look into the origin of human creativity by inquiring about its meaning in a contemporary context, and to sublimate the conception into his own visual language. In this way, Sobue is exploring alternative expression by means of the core creative activity of humanity, i.e. drawing and painting through delving into the human act of seeing, so that his work raises questions regarding the mystery and dignity of humanity, the potential of painting and drawing, and how to bridge East and West, with their great heritage and contemporary understanding.

Flat 2, Quenwood, Eden Park Road, Grange-over-Sands, LA11 6BW
Tel. 07595 410640
email: hideyukisobue@mac.com
web: www.hideyukisobue.co.uk