Mark Gibbs

Natural History

‘My work is a meditation on the fragility of life, and the tragedy of obsolete power.’

Mark creates complex sculptures featuring animals, horsemen, and vessels. Influenced by archelogy his sculptures resemble ancient ritual artefacts.

He describes his work as ‘Natural-History’; in which themes of deep time, loss and conflict are combined with animal form, and symbolic natural materials.  

Referencing shamanism, horses and other animals are built from the inside out, starting with a skeleton and often including internal organs. The unsettling anatomical look resembles a cyborg or a creature in the stages of reanimation.

In addition to being a professional artist Mark works as Art Co-ordinator at Carlisle Youth Zone a vibrant inner city youth club, during lockdown he worked with colleagues to manage and deliver an online art programme.

Mark highlights some of his work below, and talks about his Gibraltar group exhibition on the Member's Exhibitions page.

‘Pale Rider’, Mixed Media
40cm W x 60 H x 20 D £1200

Victor’s History

‘Who should be celebrated in civic sculpture is very much in the news at present, of course the heroic equestrian figure is an antiquated genre, but that’s the point, I’m interested in obsolete power, because even though the world has moved on the attitudes of Imperialism linger, and Nationalism rides again’

‘Victor’s History’ Mixed Media
40cm W x 60 H x 20 D  £1500                    07780 673337                Facebook news