Danny Clahane

Elected to the Society 2010 

To sculpt in stone, is to transform the raw substance of the planet, into an object entirely envisaged by the human imagination. Concepts and emotions made tangible. Sculpting the human form subtly, is the most difficult of artistic engagements, few contemporary artists dare try, let alone have the technical capability. Danny Clahane is one of the few, keeping faith in shifting light and shade, with hammer and chisel, to make a timeless statement about the perpetual human condition. Love, tenderness, security, gentleness wrought in the hardest of mediums.

Since graduating from Wimbledon with an MA in Site Specific Sculpture, Danny has earned his living through gallery sales and many public commissions including, The Elements and the Seasons for Ambleside Parish Centre, The Watermark series of sculptures for City & Northern’s flagship Tyneside development, Bud for St.Clare’s Hospice Jarrow, various works for Gateshead City Council and numerous schools and churches.

48 Chapel Lane
Kendal, LA9 5LA.
Tel: (01539) 737090