Alan Stones

Elected to the Society 1999


Drawing a lithograph

“I make oil paintings, drawings (usually in charcoal) and original prints (usually lithographs).  Generally my pictures are to do with ‘people’.  In some there is a suggestion of a narrative – perhaps implying that some incident (great or small) might have occurred.  When I depict subjects other than people these are likely to be aspects of nature – acting as metaphors for human activities, or else nature profoundly affected by man

Alan Stones graduated from St. Martin’s School of Art, London in 1971 and has been working full-time as an artist ever since.  Alan has had a great many solo exhibitions of his work – many in public galleries including UK touring exhibitions of paintings and a touring exhibition of drawings on the Falkland Islands.  Over the years he has created some 120 editions of lithographs.  These are hugely popular and sell worldwide.